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Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental assessment is a procedure that ensures that the enviromental implications of decisions are taken into account before the decisions are made.

Photovoltaic Geografical Information System (PVGIS)
Geografical Assessment of Solar Resource and Performance of Photovoltaic Technology.

European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) is the world's largest photovoltaic industry association.

Photovoltaic Technology Platform
The Photovoltaic Technology Platform is an initiative which aims at mobilising all the actors sharing a long-term European vision for photovoltaic; realising the European Strategic Research Agenda for PV for the next decade(s) and give recommendations for implementetion; ensuring that Europe maintains industrial leadership.

This web-site collects tools and energy calculators useful for a better understanding of the solar energy production.

IBC Solar
This web-site collects a list of European photovoltaic plantations with all the necessary information and the production capacity divided by month.

Intelligent Energy Europe Programme
The Intelligent Energy - Europe programme is the the EU's tool for funding action to move us towards a more energy intelligent Europe.

EUROSOLAR develops political and economic plans of action and concepts for the introduction of Renewable Energies.

European Energy Regulators
The Council of EuropeanEnergy Regulators (CEER) and the European Regulatorsí Group forElectricity and Gas (ERGEG) are two organisations established for thecooperation of the independent energy regulators of Europe. Bothorganisations pursue the same overall aim of facilitating the creationof a single, competitive, efficient and sustainable internal market forgas and electricity in Europe.

EurElectric - Electricity for Europe
EURELECTRIC's mission is to contribute to the development andcompetitiveness of the electricity industry and to promote the role ofelectricity in the advancement of society.

IEA Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme
The Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme is a collaborative R&D Agreement, established within the International Energy Agency, and conducting projects on the application of solar photovoltaic electricity. IEA PVPS operates worldwide via a network of national teams in member countries. This website provides information about the results of the IEA PVPS programme including publications and other project results.



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