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17 March 2010

Chamber of Commerce of Valencia at Ecofira and Egética - ExpoEnergética 2009


The first ever EGÉTICA-EXPOENERGÉTICA, the International Fair for Energy Efficiency and New Technological Solutions for Renewable and Conventional Energy easily exceeded all expectations that the professionals visiting the event may have had. The fair took place at the Valencia exhibition centre from 25th to 27th November.

The exhibition is the result of the merger of two previous fairs, Expoenergética 2007 and Egética 2008, and over the three days became one of the biggest forums for reflection on the energy sector. This was all made possible by an extensive programme of parallel events that complemented the exhibition part of the fair and included 102 seminars, specialist talks and round table discussions.

In these discussions the leading industry experts threw some light on renewable energy and the future of sustainable transport, amongst other highly topical issues, holding the attention of 2,200 participants in all. There were substantial audiences at all of the sessions at this first EGÉTICA-EXPOENERGÉTICA.

The exhibition itself drew huge numbers of visitors and the show prompted such high levels of interest that the aisles were filled with visiting professionals from more than 25 countries, who were able to see at first hand many of the solutions they had been hoping to find at the fair.
Equally, the fact that the ninth ECOFIRA, the International Water, Land, Air, Waste and Allied Technologies and Services Fair, was taking place alongside Egética turned the two events into the biggest international showcase for environmental and energy solutions; an offering targeted particularly at all those companies that are investing in a firm commitment to sustainable development.

The EGÉTICA-EXPOENERGÉTCA and ECOFIRA fairs opened for business today to showcase the most innovative developments in the renewable and conventional energy industries along with the most interesting waste management alternatives.

The Chamber of Commerce of Valencia had been present in this Fair. We have distributed information and informative brochures and pamphlets about the PVs IN BLOOM project, as much those that you had sent us as well as the ones published by the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia.

04 March 2010



Lublin Business Club Association invited Professor Olchowik at the conference “Renewable energy - new approaches to the development of Lublin Region”, which will take place on 9 march 2010. The professor was asked about the announcement of the paper: “Photovoltaics - Future Energy of Lublin Region”. At a meeting with business representatives Prof. Olchowik will speak about „Pv In Bloom” Project and will try to encourage to engage in it. Conference details in the next news.

04 March 2010



The Strategic Vision Document inserts the increase of PV energy production in the framework of a new way of addressing local development.
The Document conveys projections on the potential that using marginal areas for developing PV energy can have  in Europe.
One out of all, if we were to convert the 0.5 of only one of the 10 marginal area typologies that the PVs in BLOOM project has classified (landfills), and do this in only one European country - Italy for instance - 645 MWp of solar energy could be installed, i.e. the double of all the PV power that was installed in Italy in December 2010 (Source: GSE).
Imagine what could be done by tackling all the marginal area typologies in all EU countries (and this without using a single hectare of cultivable land)
Of course, the proposed idea is based on existing experience: more than 50 Best Practices of municipalities, public utilities and companies that have already exploited this avant-guard opportunity exist across Europe.
Land is a strategic resource for Europe that we can no longer afford to neglect.
For more information on the document and for receiving the electronic version contact the Project Partner operating in your country.

04 March 2010



Special success achieved by the workshop on "Green development and tourism; Photovoltaic panels” organized by the Development Institute of Pelion in cooperation with the Municipal Development Company of Milies, the Municipality of Argalasti, the Municipality of Sipiada and the University of Thessaly, Friday 20 and Saturday 21 November.
The main aim of the workshop was to inform members of political boards of Municipalities and entrepreneurs of tourism of the development of renewable sources of energy and especially photovoltaic panels.
Certain references were for the types of PV’s and the changes of PV’s legislation. More specific and in accordance with the new law the three most important provisions that relate directly to interested investors are:
1. Binding timetable for the evaluation of applications for licenses and exceptions permits electricity produced by photovoltaic systems.
2. New sales prices of solar electricity used, with fall off entry prices in the system since August 2010. These values should be guaranteed for a 20 years (and the old contracts running already) and will be adjusted annually by 25 inflation last year. These prices lock with the signature of the contract with the National Electricity Enterprise and then allow additional 18 months for the implementation of the project by using this value. If the project is delayed more than 18 months, it will take the value at the time of start-up. This means that prices remain stable up to 2011.
3. Production licences or exemption decisions for the production of electricity from photovoltaic panel stations may not be transferred before launching stations. Prospective investors who expect the licenses and exemptions authorization should move in the case of other supporting documents required for the submission of the dossier of the investment plan forecasts development law 5415/04. This is the adoption of environmental studies and conditions link from the National Electricity Enterprise, for exceptions and production, while special licences for the production licenses and license installation is required. It is recalled that the development law provides grant rate of 40 of the budget of the project, with at least 25 own contribution and the remaining amount from the Bank lending. Requests for grant supported by techno study and the necessary supporting documents submitted to the Ministry of economy. Investors need to move quickly, as the approval process is time consuming.

04 March 2010



On 18th February Italian – Slovak Chamber of Commerce presented PVs In Bloom project at the Eilat-Eilot International Renewable Energy Conference , one of the world's most important renewable energy events. The conference focuses on the latest innovations in renewable energy.
The innovative approach of PVs In Bloom certainly helped Vice President, Dott. Michele Bologna and General secretary Dott. A. Villa of Italian – Slovak chamber of commerce to discuss opportunities of cooperation between Intelligent Energy Europe agency and EERAE (Eilat-Eilot Regional Alternative Energy Project) for future project calls.
Israel presented to internationally-recognized alternative energy companies, experts and investors from around the world its plans to open projects for 150 MW of renewable energy power to be produced through regional model, creating exceptional economic growth that can be applied to other localities.
As Noam Ilan, Director, Technology and Business Development for the EERAE Project said: “this project will foster innovation and lead to exciting developments in the international renewable energy community”.

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