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26 April 2011

6th Steering Committee and PVS IN BLOOM Project meeting

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The 7th April, Thursday, was carried out in Vienna the “sixth Steering Committee and Project meeting” to summarize the progress and final part of the European Commission’s project PVS IN BLOOM developed within the frame of the Intelligent Energy Europe programme.

One of the last meetings of all project partners was focused mainly on the trickiest part of all EU projects. How to guarantee the sustainability of the PVS IN BLOOM approach after the project’s end?

PVS IN BLOOM project is bringing on table what could be one of the most important solutions to combine renewable energy sources with a strategic approach to marginal areas management at the municipality level. In other words, PVS IN BLOOM is tracking, supporting and promoting the PV installation on lands that have no longer any economic potential. In terms of opportunity this approach represents both important figures in terms of investments and a significant rise of green energy production in the EU. The most important topic for the future PVS IN BLOOM approach is therefore marginal areas. The objective to present this approach at the EU policy level is a natural outcome of our experience.

Looking at the results of two years project will lead us to understand what could possibly guarantee the sustainability of PVS IN BLOOM approach after the project ends. As Prof. Bedin from Unioncamere Veneto suggested in his presentation, the focus has to be put on development of an advanced qualification for specialized experts in the requalification of marginal areas through RES. The experience of planting PVPPs on marginal areas gathered during the project and delivered to wide public through real implementations and publications, has created a critical mass for sustainability on different levels of perspective:

  1. Local/Regional level represented by professionals within project partners organizations able to address new EU projects for RES to be installed on marginal areas and external representatives of the Municipality Working Group, of waste utility companies and of RES supply services companies
  2. National level represented by Agencies for energy and environment or other sector associations as strategic allies at the national level able to individuate new opportunities for deployment of different technologies (not only PV) on marginal areas.
  3. European level represented by the start-off of new projects oriented to marginal areas in the direction of RES platforms.

The achievements of the project in terms of MW power installed on marginal lands reached 18,73 MW against 16,5 MW planned. There has been presented 4 regulation update proposals on the EU level. We’ve been able to open 7 information points in involved countries and we have created online community of professionals that so far generated more than 65000 clicks in conversations on our communication platforms.

These figures are motivation to all project partners to continue to develop PVS IN BLOOM approach focusing marginal areas as suitable ground not only for PV installations but for other RES as well.



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