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07 March 2011

The Chamber of Commerce of Valencia spreads the PV’s in Bloom Project in ECOFIRA


The so-called "Fair  of the environment and energy" opened  its doors on the premises  of Fira de Valencia.  This triple exhibition was aimed at professionals in the business environment and the intelligent management of energy and water resources.
From 16 to 18 February 2011, the fair integrated the International Fair ECOFIRA Environmental Solutions, the International Energy Fair EGÉTICA / EXPOENERGÉTICA-and Fair International EFIAQUA, of Efficient Water Management.
The Chamber of Commerce of Valencia had a stand at this fair which offered information about the PV’s in Bloom Project to hundreds of companies that attended the fair.

01 March 2011

The Chamber of Commerce of Valencia carried out the PV’s in Bloom advanced training sessions.


On 7 and 8,  and 21 and 23 February, 2011,  the Valencia Chamber of Commerce held two seminars on advanced training for the building and authorization of photovoltaic systems, particularly aimed at technical staff of municipalities and  energy companies. The sessions had a total of 66 attendees  and received a very high appraisal from the audience.

Presentations from the training can be found here.

25 January 2011

PVs In Bloom training session in Spain, Jaen

The first training seminar in the frame of the PV in Bloom project will be held on February 3rd and 4th at Center of Renewable Energies of the University of Jaén.


14 January 2011

Advanced Training Sessions in Poland


University of Lublin, Partner at PVS IN BLOOM project has organized training sessions in 3 Polish citioes:
23-24.11.2010 and 15-16.12.2010 in Lublin,
24-25.11.2010 and 13-14.12.2010 in Wisznice and 09-10.12.2010 in Wroclaw.

The training was carried out according to the agreed procedure. Implemented the following issues:
Presentation of the training plan, Introduction to the PVs In Bloom, describe the role of "promoter photovoltaics, " The definition and concept of marginal areas, selection criteria for project PVs in Bloom, the strategic vision of the contribution of solar photovoltaic farms to sustainable development in Europe (for example, the strategic vision of the project document PVs In Bloom), Introduction to the technical vocabulary associated with photovoltaic power plants (sunshine, sunshine, etc.), description of the leading photovoltaic technologies,
Basic issues of photovoltaic power plants connected to the electricity transmission network (typologies of connections to the network, the isolation / separation of power, etc.), choice of technology because of the nature of the site (matching the technology of photovoltaic power plants due to the characteristics of marginal land), Scaling of solar power plants, Installation, testing and operation of photovoltaic farms, Foundations and tools for assessing the costs and payback time,
Useful information on the technical and administrative procedures for assessing environmental impacts of ground-based solar farms, more detailed analysis of procedures related to the specific marginal areas, procedures for connecting photovoltaic farms to the grid, Finding solutions for solar farms (grants, financing, leasing, mortgages, etc.), procedures for support PVPPs and profits for communities in this respect, financial guarantees,
 The rules for creating business plan, key elements that should be taken into account when pricing the installation of photovoltaic of individual farms in marginal areas, example of counting the time of return of investment for power 100kWp under standard conditions for the region, profitability ratios, which should be presented during the evaluation of solar photovoltaic farms.

At the end of the training were given certificates of participation

14 January 2011

III Conference on Intelligent Energy in Poland Warsaw


At the panel meetings for companies and other institutions (including SMEs) professor Olchowik was asked to present PV in Bloom Project and to present potential investment opportunities for this sector. The presentation was received with great interest from companies and institutions.


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