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3D Color Number is an app that offers you a similar experience to what other similar color-by-number apps offer you, but with 3D shapes. You can color a bunch of 3D models for free, but if you want to access all of them you do have to pay a monthly subscription.

Gameplay in 3D Color Number is really simple: on the lower part of the screen you can click on any color, when you do so, all the cubes of the same color will light up and you can color them. You just have to click on them and that’s it.

If you ever get bored of coloring a certain shape and you want to start coloring another one, you can do so! All the changes will be saved in real time so you’ll never lose your place.

3D Color Number is a super fun coloring app that you can use to color a bunch of 3D models. You can also find models for all ages: some are simpler and other ones are a lot more complex, some require very few colors and others more than 20 different ones.

Android 4.1 or greater is required.

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