Send your favorite pictures, songs and videos to your cellphone


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Do you want to manage your cellphone's content from the comfort of your own computer? Would you like to use those images and songs which you so like as your wallpaper or ringtone?

BitPim is a program that has been designed specifically for CDMA cellphones and that enables you to access every bit of your phone using your computer, manage information kept in its memory and transfer data from your hard drive.

The program is compatible with many Motorola, LG, Sanyo, Samsung, and Toshiba models, although it can also detect CDMA phones of other brands.

Edit your contacts, adapt the format of multimedia files on your computer and export them to your phone, manage your SMS messages (inbox, sent messages, drafts, etc.), view a complete list of calls with all kinds of data, create playlists, etc... All of this on an easy-to-use interface and a completely free program.

You need a USB cable to connect the device to your computer.

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