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Tops and Comparisons

The best way to analyze and evaluate a product is by comparing it with other similiar ones. Thus, we place special emphasis on software comparisons. Thanks to Uptodown’s enormous catalogue we can recommend many alternatives for the same task, meaning there is always a better option than that application you thought was the only one of its kind.

The best cricket games available on Android

A quick wrap up of the most important cricket games available for mobile devices, so you can enjoy the excitement of this sport wherever you go.

The top 10 strategy games on Android

Here's a list of the best strategy games on Android that have been released so far in 2018. Real time, turn-based, resource management, clickers ... you name it.

The top 10 Android apps of the month [August 2018]

We've selected 10 of the best new Android apps released this month. All handy tools to have installed on any self-respecting Android device.

10 Android apps to help you overcome smartphone addiction

More and more people are beginning to consider themselves addicted to their smartphone. Thus, we bring you 10 apps aimed to help you spend less time on your mobile devices.

Get over your post-vacation blues with these useful apps

The post-vacation blues can have both physical and psychological effects. That's why we've put together a list of Android apps to help you recover as you go back to work.

The top 10 Android games of the month [August 2018]

We've put together a list of the best games that have been release in the month of August 2018. A month full of quality that finally brought us the opportunity to play Fortnite.

If you can’t play Fortnite yet, here are 5 alternatives for...

Although Fortnite is one of the top games of the year, there are still a lot of people who haven't had a chance to try it yet. That's why we've put together this useful list of five Fortnite alternatives for Android.

20 apps to make your Instagram Stories shine

Instagram Stories are becoming more and more a focal point of this social network. That's why we've put together a list of 20 apps to help you perfect your Stories.

20 apps to help you step up your game on Instagram

Here are a few must-have apps to make sure your photos and videos shine on Instagram.

All the free Adventure Time games for Android

Adventure Time is a favorite animated series for both children and adult viewers – and it's also got several Android games to its name. We made this list of them for you.

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