Bricks n Balls

Destroy as many bricks as possible!


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Launch dozens of balls and destroy as many bricks as you can in the fun game Bricks n Balls. Your mission is to destroy every single brick in this game's more then 200 levels!

Bricks n Balls has very simple controls: just swipe your finger across the bottom of the screen to aim the balls, and launch them by lifting your finger off the screen. Just like similar games, the balls destroy any brick they hit as they bounces across the screen, except for numbered bricks. Hit a numbered brick, and its number will be reduced by one, until you finally destroy it!

But there's a twist: the entire stack of bricks lowers each time you launch a group of balls. If the bricks reach the bottom of the screen, you'll lose the game and will have start from the beginning.

On top of the normal game mode, Bricks n Balls has a few different games modes that add some variety to this fun game. For example, you'll shoot balls from the top of the screen in physics mode, keeping in mind the balls wills obey the laws of physics.

With various games modes and loads of levels, Bricks n Balls is an fun arcade game that will keep you entertained for hours!

Android 4.1 or higher required

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