Chess Master King


Chess game with different boards and modes


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Chess Master King is a chess game that allows us to compete against artificial intelligence at various levels of difficulty, as well as against another player using the same Android terminal. What's more, we can enjoy a variety of gaming modes; including a tournament, in which we can compete against 30 opponents (controlled by the AI) to see who the best chess player is.

On Chess Master King there are various different graphic modes, with which we can play using traditional-looking chessmen or with minimalist chess pieces (inspired by those classical of manuals and newspapers). We can also play with various different boards.

Chess Master King is an excellent chess game, that lets us play at different levels of difficulty. The game also has useful characteristics such as being able to save a match and return to it later, or re-watching a move that was played earlier.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or more recent

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