Depths of Peril


Fight other factions in this strategy RPG


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Depths of Peril is a combination between classic action RPGs such as Diablo and real-time strategy games where you have to negotiate, establish diplomatic relations, and manage your resources with attention.

You play the leader of a faction charged with protecting the barbarian city of Jorvik. That requires you to negotiate with other faction leaders, lead your men into battle, explore new lands, and solve the problems of your people. This means you're sometimes immersed in pure strategy, and other times find yourself inside a dungeon surrounded by enemies you have fight.

The fun part about the game is that your actions, no matter what you do, always have consequences. If you make an enemy faction angry, you might end up going to war at the worst possible moment. But if you help an ally too much you might lose sight of the orcs ... which is clearly not a good idea.

Depths of Peril is a highly entertaining game with a unique and addictive gameplay. If you're tired of shooting things up and doing the same spiel as usual, this is a good chance for something new.

You can only play the beginning with this version.

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