And you thought Diablo was difficult? Try this!


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DiabloRL is a roguelike inspired by Diablo. As with other games in this genre, the gaming experience is difficult but rewarding, mixing in some of the most characteristic elements from the game Diablo.

That is to say, DiabloRL, like the original Diablo, begins in the town of Tristram. The main character has come to town to talk to Deckard Cain, who will tell you everything that has happened in the nearby church. You'll also discover the poor soldier was mortally wounded by The Butcher.

Once you're inside the church, the concept of the game will feel familiar. You'll find all kinds of enemies (like skeletons and zombies) in each level, and you can earn money by killing them. You can also find new equipment, beat levels, improve attributes, and so on.

The main difference, of course, is that in DiabloRL, there is no graphical interface. All the game's elements are represented by text symbols, and you'll have to identify each item in this way. The interface is just as hard to master, so you'll have to study the commands before you'll be able to get everything under control.

DiabloRL is a very difficult roguelike, but veterans of the genre will have a great time rising up to the challenge.
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