A roguelike game with no life points, no levels and rocket launchers


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Diggr is a very peculiar ‘roguelike’ game where, in order to survive, you have to reach level 26 of a dungeon brimming with enemies, killing all creatures that stand in your way.

Although the concept sounds traditional, it’s the only classic thing about Diggr. For starters, Diggr is a ‘roguelike’ where players don’t have special attributes, or life points, or even a normal inventory of weapons. Instead, the players have five different variables and can carry two additional objects as equipment.

This limited inventory could turn into a problem if you consider that during your adventure you’ll come across objects as varied as a death wand, a rocket launcher, a shotgun, magic potions, and even fire grenades. Meanwhile, you can bring a viking helmet, a chain mail, and a shotgun.

On top of that, can make holes into the dungeon’s walls by using a pickaxe. All you need to do is stand in front of a wall and use it to open new paths.

Diggr is a fast, unmerciful and very entertaining ‘roguelike’ game. You’ll die many times but don’t worry, that’s the whole point of Diggr, a game where you gain experience the hard way.
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