Respond to your customers on the spot


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If you have a website where you offer a product or a service, you want to get the best traffic to make as many sales as you can. However, you'll need to keep your customers and clients satisfied by solving all of their problems and answering questions as quickly as possible. With Drift, you can respond to your customers when questions come up, keeping them on your website instead of looking for a simpler solution.

This app is so simple, you don't even need to install anything or set anything up in order to start using it. Access the website from any platform, browser, or geographic location and respond to your customers' questions right away. The conversations are kept in the messages tab, so you can respond whenever's best or start a conversation in real time from the chat.

Drift has a version for smartphones, too, so you can keep in touch with your customers without making them wait, answering their questions, feedback, and comments.
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