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Equalizer Plus is a music player that amplifies and improves the sound quality and volume of your songs, thanks to a set of tools that let you change various sound values.

Equalizer Plus serves as both a music player and a frequency equalizer. From the app's interface you can access your music library and search directly by name, album, or artist. Once you choose a song, you can configure audio frequencies and save different audio profiles.

In Equalizer Plus, you have a total of five available frequency bands, and can adjust each filter to get the most out of your music. As if that weren't enough, Equalizer Plus also has a bass amplifier, which should prove especially useful when playing your music on another device.

Equalizer Plus is an excellent music player and although some of its features require you to make in-app payments, its basic package does the job perfectly well.

Requires Android 2.3.3 or higher

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