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Forvo is a website that basically works as an online pronunciation dictionary, so anyone can improve their speaking abilities in any language.

This platform includes thousands of words in different languages; all types of words are included, even curse words, as long as they appear in the dictionary.

Forvo is a collaborative website, which means that anyone can listen to words in a specific language to get better at pronouncing them, and also add words with the respective pronunciation in his or her native language, so other people can learn them.

That said, all the words you want to add have to be pronounced appropriately and politely, and new vocabulary can't be over 40 characters.

Using Forvo is really simple: just browse all the different languages and look for the word you want to learn from the search bar. If you want to practice your vocabulary in general, you can do so with a list that can be organized alphabetically or by popularity.

You don't need to be registered on Forvo in order to listen to any word's pronunciation or to add new vocabulary, but you do if you want to download any audio.
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