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Godus is a real-time strategy game developed by 22 Cans, the Peter Molyneux studio and creator of games of the likes of Dungeon Keeper and Black and White.

On Godus, just as on Black and White, players control a god whose aim is to make his follower's lives easier, so as to see them develop, grow, evolve, settle down, and of course, conquer. That said, players cannot intervene directly.

Godus is a 'god simulator' where the player's main power lies in modifying the lay of the land. By flattening out meadows you can make the area perfectly habitable to your followers, while reducing the slope on a mountain will make new areas accessible.

The two main resources for a good god on Godus are: his followers and the faith they have in him. To get more of the former you have to give them space to build houses and start families, but to make them have more faith you'll have to go a step further.

Godus, which is also available for desktop, is an amazing game in many ways. Visually, it's possibly one of the nicest-looking games on Android, and its touchscreen-adapted gameplay proves to be highly entertaining.

Requires 131 megabytes of free space in your device's memory


Requires Android 4.0.3 or above

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