Fight intense battles brandishing a hammer and more weapons


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Hammerfight is an action game where we control a lite spaceship with a hammer.

Our goal is to destruct all other spaceships using your best skills. You control the ship with the mouse, and thanks to fast wrist movements, you'll move the hammer, sword or axe you have attached to the ship. The faster the weapon moves, the more damage you'll cause on the enemy.

Of course, you'll have to dodge attacks from your enemies too. HammerFight uses realistic physics system that gives the game an spectacular flavour. E.g. if we connect a good punch, we'll see how our enemie is moved according to the power of the hit and is destroyed when it crashes on the wall.

The game features an extense history mode that ensures hours of fun. More than ten different weapons to create a letal machine of war.

Hammerfight is an excellent game where you'll have to show off your best skills to win the battle.
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