Hero Hunters


Raw street battles from behind crated barricades


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Hero Hunter is a third person action game in which you manage a team of soldiers in all kinds of missions where you have to take control in real time to take cover and shoot hordes of enemies.

The missions take place in real time, and you control both aiming your weapons and executing movements like jumping or taking cover. The third person camera and gameplay are reminiscent of lots of titles that follow the standards set by the iconic Gears of War saga.

You can switch between the members of your squad in real time, while the rest of them are controlled by the game's AI. That way you can support the units that need help using each character's specialization: the sniper can cover the melee soldier, while the medic can restore the health of damaged units. Everything is in your hands.

Using these mechanics, you advance in the game by completing missions and special events in order to improve your equipment, recruit new members (through the tried and true collectible card system), and gain experience to build your resistances.
By Erika Okumura

Requires Android 4.4 or higher.

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