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Implosion is a third-person action game where players control one of the few survivors of a global cataclysm, who as humanity’s last hope must face apocalyptic monsters from inside a War-Mech Series III battle suit.

The control system in Implosion is very traditional: the left virtual joystick controls your character's movements and the virtual buttons on the right are to dodge, attack (with a sword), and do special blows. Using these controls, you have to face hundreds of monsters in more or less open settings.

The most attention-grabbing things about Implosion, aside from the game style, are its spectacular graphics and high overall production value. The game even has dubbing and a first-rate soundtrack in addition to its outstanding artistic style.

One 'negative' point of the game is that you can actually only play the first six levels for free. If you want to go any further than that, you'll have to buy the full game ... which is logical considering its quality.

Implosion is an outstanding action game without many drawbacks. Its only problems: its excessive size (more than 1 GB) and a pretty high price to unlock the full game.

Requires at least 1.1 GB of free memory on the device


Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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