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Translate any language via a voice message


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iTranslate Voice is a great translator that lets you translate anything not by typing it but by recording yourself saying it aloud. The results are instantaneous, and it's easy because you don't need to worry about spelling mistakes and time lost to correcting errors.

It works in the simplest way possible: you just need to indicate your native language and the one you want to translate to. To start the process, simply click on the flag of the language you'll be speaking. Your spoken text and its translation will automatically appear below, along with all the meanings of words that have more than one definition.

Once you have the transcript, you can listen to it again but this time with the AI voice so you can learn the exact pronunciation of each word. This makes it a good tool for language students who want to practice speaking and listening.

iTranslate Voice is also helpful for trips abroad, letting you translate everything you don't understand into your mother tongue. You can also use it to communicate with someone who does not speak your language. Within seconds you can communicate with them successfully without knowing a word of their language.

The trial version only includes certain languages and has a limit of 30 translations.

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