One of the biggest translators on iOS comes to Android


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iTranslate is a handy application that allows you to translate any word or sentence directly from your Android, by simply writing on the screen or speaking into the microphone.

Besides being able to read the meaning of the words you want to translate, the program can also communicate verbally in up to sixteen different languages. However, this function, unlike with other translators, requires payment, and you must buy it from within the application itself.

For iTranslate to work, you need to be connected to the Internet, since the size of the database is too large to fit on your Android device. However, using either 3G or Wi-Fi, the translation is preformed smoothly, and the speed is acceptable.

In addition to performing instant translations, the application also lets you save a few phrases in certain languages to your favourites, so you can access them whenever you need to without problems.

iTranslate is an essential application for any trip abroad, and it will get you out of trouble when you need to communicate with people in a foreign languages.
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