Kakao is a social network for pictures


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KakaoStory brings you the Kakao social network (from the company that developed KakaoTalk) that allows you to share pictures, videos, and messages similar to the way it's done on social networks like Instagram or Path.

KakaoStory users have their own timelines that they can customize by posting all sorts of different things. Also, they can look at other users' timelines, comment on their publications, follow the ones they find interesting, and take part in all the other activities commonly included in this type of social network.

Like in all the other applications that allow you to upload photos, KakaoStory has a simple image editor that allows you to apply filters to your pictures. The application also has a little video editor that you can use to slice up your videos and post just the specific fragment that you want.

KakaoStory is a social network that is successful because of the massive scale on which it operates, just like all the other social networks. The application works perfectly and whether you decide to use it or not depends more on you as a user than on the application itself.

Requires Android 2.2 or higher

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