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MindMapper is without doubt one the best applications you will ever find to record your ideas, shape them, structure them and get something positive out of them.

While it could be said that MindMapper is no more than a program for creating diagrams, this would be selling the program short, because MindMapper is so much more than that. To start with, the flexibility it offers to note down your ideas in its interface is very impressive. You have at your disposal all kinds of visual options to organise them into the correct order, also anything you add can be easily adjusted later.

The ways in which you can join up your thoughts are endless, and you can also link to others in independent documents. Some extra features you can include in your diagrams are scheduling and tasks, meaning you can also use MindMapper to better manage your time.

Finally, MindMapper is fully compatible with all Office documents (Word, PowertPoint, Project and Outlook), it includes search and map filtering tools; it also allows you to extract 'clips' to create new mental maps based on a specific point in an existing one.

Select the desired version during installation.

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