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This app is the mobile version of Nicequest, the platform that lets you take paid surveys and rewards you with prizes. If you're a user of the community or want to become one, download the app to find out the instant you have a new survey available.

Nicequest's interface is as simple as possible. From the main window you have access to the most important features: the number of 'shells' you have and whether or not you have pending surveys. From here, you can complete any that are designed for mobile devices. For each one you take, you receive a number of shells that go directly to your account so that you can accumulate them from the app, too.

From this app, you can also manage your shells and claim your prizes directly. Easily manage your account information, shells, and take surveys, via the mobile version from Nicequest. Earn points instantly and don't wait until you get home or have a computer in front of you; use the mobile version and enjoy the advantages of this platform from anywhere.
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