Minecraft and the real world come together in a single app


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PlanetCraft, based on the classic Minecraft, brings players something they've never seen before in this game: the real world. Although this version doesn't contain modern cities, it does have cities from historical epochs. Choose any part of the world and visit the pyramids of Egypt, cathedrals, monuments, and old castles from centuries ago.

If you love traveling as well as exploring the world of Minecraft, PlanetCraft is a fun game that lets you combine both. Before your big adventure, select your character from the many options available: superheroes, ninjas, robots, or the classic standard protagonist. Then you'll be able to travel to an ice temple or the ruins of Pompeii. If you'd rather walk there from some faraway place, pick a setting at random and start walking towards your destination.

This game has a chat feature that lets you talk with other users in the same city as you. Your friends can tell you what to explore or help you find certain resources more easily, all in real time.

PlanetCraft gives you a fun way to teleport yourself to the most distant reaches of the planet and relive history. Survive in the distant lands you've always wanted to visit and see their most impressive monuments.
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