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A fun coloring book app for kids


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Coloring Book is an app for kids that lets your little ones have fun while coloring more than 400 different images. Using the app is really easy too; all they have to do is pick a color and tap where they want to start using it.

There are lots of different animal drawings to color in, as well as landscapes and a variety of other objects. All the drawings are quite simple, and you can even zoom in on any part of them, making it easier to color in the detailed areas. They can also use the 'Undo' feature, letting them correct mistakes quickly.

Once you finish coloring a drawing, you can export the image to the device's internal memory, or post it directly on any social network, like Facebook or Twitter.

Coloring Book is a nice coloring app with tons of different drawings, and some really great features as well.
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The daily grind has driven tons of stressed-out fully-grown people back to one of their favorite childhood pastimes: coloring. Coloring books have been getting trendier and trendier for a while now, and there are ever more people spending hours of their free time scribbling into one. If you want to try it but still haven't dished out for one of the hundreds of books out there plus the pack of colored pencils or crayons, no worries. We think of everything here at Uptodown, and we've put together a list of five free Android coloring apps for you to enjoy instantly.
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Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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