Descend into hell to kill Beelzebub


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Powder is an RPG where you play an amateur hero who embarks on an unlikely mission to kill Beelzebub, the devil king. To get there, though, you'll have to descend into the depths of a deep cavern full of dangers.

Like all games in this genre, in Powder you face tons of creatures, traps, and other dangers. Luckily, along the way you won't just find creatures trying to kill you, but also loads of weapons, armor, spells, and other objects to help you on your adventure.

As you descend through the cave, killing enemies and gaining experience, you can level up. And you'll definitely need to, since the demons in the lower levels will kill you with a single blow if you're not strong enough.

Another great aspect of Powder is that you can change its look at any time. It has a lovely 16-bit default style, but there are more than half a dozen others you can try with just one click.

Powder is a fun and accessible roguelike that's easy to play by combining the keyboard and mouse. Moreover, it's perfect for quick rounds where you try to survive as long as you can.
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