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PPT2DVD is an easy-to-use PowerPoint to DVD software that can convert your Power Point to Mpeg or burn Power Point to DVD/MiniDVD, then you can view them both on your PC and TV with DVD players.

PPT2DVD is a very simple and practical tool to convert your powerpoint slideshow to video files which you can burn to DVD or miniDVD (MiniDVD is a regular CD that has DVD files in it. You can burn a miniDVD just with a regular CD and a common CD burner) and view them on TV with DVD players., complete with background music, video, narration record, templates,...

With PPT2DVD you don?t have to have a computer to create your presentations with your power point files. Just a TV and a DVD player. This is easier, isn't it?

This is a great tool for anyone converting your PowerPoint to MPEG or burn PowerPoint to DVD.

Fully functional 15-day evaluation version

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