Street Skater 3D


A 3D skate game in endless-runner style


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Street Skater 3D is an endless runner where you skateboard through city streets dodging obstacles and collecting coins.

With the coins you collect you can buy new skateboarders and circuits: all the boarders have the same attributes but look different. Most of the characters are unlicensed versions of famous skaters, like Tony Owl instead of Tony Hawk.

The gameplay is very simple: tilt the device back and forth to move your character and swipe up and down to jump or crouch on the skateboard. Your goal: to get as far as possible by jumping over obstacles or crouching under them.

You can also change the control system to full touchscreen mode in the settings so you don't have to tilt the device to move your character.

Street Skater 3D is a skate game that combines the traditional endless runner gameplay with skateboarding to make an easy and fun experience.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher

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