The Reconstruction


Turn-based battles and role-playing in a world of pirates


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The Reconstruction is a traditional turn-based combat role-playing game in which you head up a group of more than a dozen adventurers who form the crew of a pirate ship.

The adventure begins on board that ship, but it won't be long before you're exploring to the limits of the outer world. In fact, as you recruit new characters for your group of heroes, you'll start to discover a story that includes everything up to minor gods.

The attributes of the characters in your group are not modeled in typical RPG fashion. In place of force, agility, health, magic, etc., you'll be using values such as body, mind, and soul. These are the attributes that can be improved with experience and that, eventually, will help you defeat your most powerful enemies.

Combat itself does follow a more traditional style: you'll need to move your units over a grid and give orders so that they can overcome their adversaries, which will typically outnumber your crew.

The Reconstruction is a traditional role-playing game with a significant amount of gameplay (more than 20 hours) made with rather outdated graphics. In any case, it's an outstanding title that introduces many intriguing concepts into the RPG genre.
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