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The team that created UCWeb developed a highly-recommendable app that's geared towards the Indian market. Thanks to this app it's now possible to access the latest news from hundreds of digital media outlets with over twenty different categories among: news, tech, entertainment, lifestyle, movies and even cricket.

UC News hounds trending terms from Facebook and Twitter before showing user based recommendations. That way, anyone who installs the app will automatically gain access to the most popular content, meaning they'll get information on news that's both highly visible and viral on social media. With millions of available stories on their database, this tool progressively learns to show you the most appropriate results depending on what you've been searching for daily.

Created with the support of Alibaba, UC News is an upcoming option for any user who wants to be in the know on current affairs not only in India, but around the globe as well. This program initially tracks hundreds of digital media platforms in Hindi and in English, although as it evolves over time, it'll continue to add new languages and more customization options.

Also, with this app, you'll be able to store any news post or share it with your contacts through Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS or via email.
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